Other Services

Business Intelligence Analytics


Can't see the wood for the trees in your business? Not making any money and you're not sure why?  You need a business intelligence review!

Business Intelligence analysis searches for answers to the questions don't know how to ask. 

Questions like, "who's my highest profit making customer" and "which products or customers are costing me money"?

Our drill down tools that will give you those "ah-ha" moments which will allow you to make the right changes to improve profit. 

Xero Book Keeping Training and Automation


Back end processes like book keeping and bill paying are necessary tasks but they don't make a business money. Let us teach you how to automate these processes to get them done most efficiently and cost effectively. Xero is our chosen system to complete this within a business. 

Projects and Refinancing


Dollars Making Sense can assist you with one off projects or bank refinancing processes. Sometimes an extra pair of hands and a new set of eyes are all it takes to get a project completed and delivering within your business.

Book Keeping and BAS


Contact us to get your monthly book keeping and BAS submissions completed efficiently and on time for you.